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"You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy;
In Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore."
~ Psalms 16:11


You Never Know
Where The Path Is Going To Lead

It takes courageous steps to start the journey, but when you arrive at your destination, it is Oh, So Sweet!


Here's The Thing...

I've been there. Too afraid to move forward, not knowing what to do and too embarrassed to ask for help. 

It was only after dealing with an illness that landed me in bed 80% of the time for 12+ years, "releasing" cancer not once, not twice, but 3X, moving on from a difficult first marriage and the threat of losing my livelihood with the decline of the auto industry, that I knew I had to make some changes. I am finally living life as the person I was meant to be instead of just surviving.

Let me help you do the same! Through careful listening and some thought-provoking questions I will help you find clarity and discover your own inner power for self-success.

As a Believer, I offer a spiritual perspective that aligns with God's word. Your life is waiting for you! So, are you ready to take that first courageous step?

Let's chat and figure it out...together!







I'm Ready To Help

God has a plan for your life and is eager for you to live it to its fullest. Sometimes, it hard to decipher the questions, decide on directions, and manage what life throws your way. Whatever the need, it is my privilege to help you reach your life goals. Book a Discovery Session Today!


Let Me Inspire You

Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker or a group workshop, my goal is to motivate, inspire and create an atmosphere to engage conversation and create a significant shift in the life of your attendees.


Online Learning & FREE Resources

Like most entrepreneurs, I am multifaceted. If you are interested in networking, follow-up and/or producing workshops, webinars and events to showcase your own expertise... I invite you to peruse "the other" side of me!


Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for the launch of my podcast show "Faith Talk".  I am looking forward to discussing with you and with my guests topics and conversations around faith, life and everything in between.









"Linda has entered my life for a reason. I was struggling in my day to day life, had low self esteem, no confidence and completely lost my way. She immediately recognize my need for direction and guidance. She has remarkable insight on reading people. With her calm approach and sensitivity, she understood who I was, where I was stuck and exactly what I needed to make a shift. Through her encouragement, we created strategies and a plan of action, together. Finally, I feel empowered with the skills and confidence to believe in and love myself and when I fall, I am able to pick myself up quickly and carry through. I am grateful and blessed to have this incredibly caring woman in my life to guide me through my life challenges. "


"Linda is a the epitome of a 'people person'. You just need to talk to her once, and she immediately understands your situation. She listens. I mean REALLY LISTENS! She helped me see how my perspective on things was holding me back, in both my personal life and career. She a positive and realistic approach, Linda helped me figure out how define and reach my goals. During a difficult divorce and career change, she inspired me to do my best, to focus on me and to listen to my inner voice better. I’ve had other coaches try to help, but didn’t always 'hear' what I was saying and feeling. Linda Listens!!!"

~ SC

"Linda knew I was in crisis and offered to help me several times. When I was finally ready to meet with her, it was in the hope that she could help me release the anger I was carrying for years. I went into my first session feeling very sceptical but also thought, "what did I have to lose?" Linda made me feel very comfortable and was very professional. That session changed something in me! I wasn't even sure exactly what it was.  As I continued working with Linda, I realized I was feeling freer that I ever had. I was starting to let go of my anger and could now see a clear path to who I wanted to be and what direction I wanted my life to go in.
 Mapping out a plan and implementing Linda’s strategies has given me hope and a solid foundation to work from. I am so excited about how far I have come and am looking forward to my future instead of dreading my life!  My one regret was not seeing Linda sooner."

~ KL

"Linda has this wonderful and effortless ability to make you see things in a whole different light. She has help me get on the right path towards being happy and content in my being! She is passionate, caring, intelligent, loyal, truthful, and great to work with. I really don’t know what I would have done without her counsel. 
It feels like she saved me from drowning when I thought I would never get to that happy place in my life again. I had no self esteem left what so ever. I can now stand on my own two feet - with confidence! I am now independent and no longer scared to death that I couldn’t survive on my own! I am happy, content and ready to face life, in any which way the cards are dealt for me! Linda has forever change your life and I am forever grateful I found her."

~ DD

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