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After 27 years in the auto-sector, I “accidentally” entered the world of entrepreneurism. Incredibly shy, with no business background and little self-esteem, I took a risk and retired having no idea where this new path would take me. 

What the heck what I thinking? The words anxiety and overwhelm became my constant companions and at times I was immobilized with fear. Fear of how to build a business, fear of how to financially survive, fear of failure, fear of success… And then, it all came together.


I’ve always had a strong faith, but never a faith-walk. Feeling this ongoing fear, I found myself seeking solace on a regular basis. Then one day, I literally and figuratively surrendered to my faith and left my worry on God’s shoulders. Just as literally, clarity began to seep in and my business began to grow. I shifted to an understanding that everything in life begins with a conversation - even asking for help.


With each small success I achieved, I dug in deeper to grow my business. With determination, I spent countless hours trying to figure it all out. It took me far too long to become acutely aware if I wanted serious success, I couldn't do it by myself. I needed to make a change and start looking in the right directions.

What I didn’t know - I found where to find.
What I didn’t understand - I found coaches and mentors to teach and guide me.
When fear crept in - I put my hands together in prayer and asked for help.


Through personal and professional development, I pushed through my shyness and fears. I focussed only on educating myself, meeting and connecting with people. 

Realizing, I had a natural skill for making people feel at ease, I began helping others build large networking communities, showing them how to leverage those networks to increase referrals, create events to showcase their expertise and increase their bottom-line profits.


My journey has been interesting and often uncomfortable (that’s a whole other story), but I just knew that it was leading me to something incredible… And it has!

As my confidence grew, I found myself shifting with a desire to be of deeper service. Understanding, first hand, how anxiety and fear can hold you back from living your best life, I wanted to help others make significant changes in their own lives. My strong faith-walk led me in a new direction.


Along with my business expertise for networking, follow-up & events, I have broadened my scope. Today, I help others break-through their own fears and overwhelm to live the life of their dreams.

Now, an Ordained Minister, I have built a successful Christian coaching practice, working with individuals and groups. I also consult, mentors and train other Christian coaches.

I offer programs both live and online. As a professional speaker, I have the honour of sharing my story and my thoughts with both intimate and large audiences. I am a published author, an award-winning entrepreneur. My high-level mastermind dinners and international retreats are always in high demand.

It’s a crazy wonderful life and am grateful every day for the blessings I receive and the service I can be to others.



Finding the right mentors, the right coach and and the right success groups brought me to where I am today.  But, I didn't find them by accident. I believe with each path I took, with each person who crossed my path, I was led to those who could really help and had my best interest at heart. 
NOW, you are here, by no accident, crossing paths with me. It would be my honour to coach or mentor with you.

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