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An Easter Message From My Dreams

faith life Apr 02, 2021

In the past, I would send out my Easter message on Easter itself - celebrating Christ’s resurrection. This year it felt right to do it on Good Friday - the day Christ died.

I've spent a lot of time this week thinking and praying about what message I wanted to share this Easter, and although a lot of different ideas came up, nothing felt ‘quite right’ until 3:33 am this morning (which in itself, has significant spiritual meaning).

Let me first offer a little background and context on how this message revealed itself:

During the past few months, in my business life, my colleagues and I have been discussing a new community launch on a new platform, planning out ideas, training and opportunities to help others grow their online businesses.

I’ve also been procrastinating about starting my podcast ‘Faith Talk’ because I wasn’t sure how to define my message, which is about a faith-walk, a love-walk, being supportive, encouraging and aligning my Christian beliefs without alienating my Christian friends, my Atheist friends, my Buddhist friends, my Muslim friends, my Jehovah Witness friends, my Jewish friends, my Hindu friends, my Universal Spiritual believing friends, etc.

The fact is, I believe in following what Jesus taught me… that my faith walk is a closely intimate and personal relationship with my creator and his son who died for me. To walk in love of everyone without judgment.

I love learning about everyone’s faith, what it means to them and how their faith helps them in both good times and tough situations. I love being of service encouraging others to be all they can be and to find within themselves the confidence to try new things and be successful - whatever that may mean to them. I wanted to build a community within my work as a life coach and within my Podcast that welcomes and respects all people inclusively.

I believe we have so much more in common than we have differences and we can live together with respect to each other's beliefs regardless of what religion or denomination someone may follow.

Then, a few days ago the words from the famous poet and Nobel Prize literary winner Rudyard Kipling  ‘Never the twain shall meet’ floated briefly through my thoughts; which, in itself was strange, since I never heard these words before. 

The words come from Kipling’s poem ‘The Ballad of East and West’ published in December 1989. I was surprised to learn the poem was inspired by the biblical passage from Psalms 103:12: “Look how wide also is the east from the west: so far hath he set our sins from us”.

Doing further research, I’ve come to understand the message of the poem is how two opposing leaders at war come to respect their similarities more than their differences and find a way to co-exist.

This profoundly affected me. It encompassed everything I feel and believe. It relieved some of the thoughts that had me holding back from voicing what I want my podcast to reflect.

Yet, the thought that this was part of my Easter message still had not been revealed to me in the wee hours of the morning - through a dream.

 This brings me back to ‘my’ Easter Message.

As I began waking this morning at 3:33 am, a hashtag was floating in the dream in my mind. It was big and illuminated with shimmering color surrounding the words


I let those words linger for a bit (yes, I am one of those people who can study their dream while they are sleeping) and let whatever meaning those words might have come to the forefront of my mind. While watching this hashtag float around, like the slow rhythmic dance of ‘the bolero’, what came to me was the word ‘community'.

How does this all relate to Easter for me?

I started thinking about the events around Jesus and when He died on the cross.  I was also thinking about the work my colleagues and I were doing on our new community group. Literally, at that very moment… it all made sense.

All throughout His life’s work, Jesus was not alone. When He was preaching, comforting others and teaching - He was with His apostles, His followers and those who were still seeking how they wanted to live their life. Even when Jesus was carrying His cross to Calvary and took His last breath he was surrounded with support, tears and prayers of those who loved Him. His Community. He didn’t go it alone.

So my Easter message is this.

Surround yourself with ‘community’ - family, friends, loved ones and networks in your business life. These are the people who will follow, support, cry with you, pray for you, support you and cheer you on to success.

Just as Jesus walked with, loved-on and didn’t judge others, my message is for you to strive to do the same. Find what commonalities you share with those you meet and those you love. Take time to really listen and understand the differences you have and respect and learn from each other.

Can you imagine if we all could create new communities or find existing communities that didn’t judge, but supported and respected each other - regardless of differences of philosophy, beliefs, gender, race or orientation? 

Oh, what a world it would be if we could all have a kind of love-walk on our journey through life that stems from compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and love.

Those are the kinds of communities I want to be part of. The communities that will be there for you and say in good times and times of struggle - #don’tgoitalone.


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