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Are You Living Your Life Standing Still?

Do you ever find yourself wondering ‘how did I get here’ when you take stock of your life and realize you have not lived your life the way you planned?

 Do any of these resonate for you?

  • I’m struggling financially
  • My family doesn’t communicate
  • My spouse / partner and I don’t want the same things anymore
  • My business isn’t growing the way I thought it would
  • I’m so bored with my life
  • I just don’t seem to get anywhere, no matter how much I try
  • I could have done so much more with my life
  • It's too late for me 

 If this sounds like you, you have fallen into the vortex of ‘living your life standing still’.

 When we were children, most of us, lived in a world of play and make-believe.  We didn’t worry about how we would play hopscotch when we didn’t have chalk to make the outline.  We used whatever we could to create it ourselves. We used skipping ropes, and rulers and twine - whatever we could ‘imagine’ would work, we made it work. 

As children, our creativity flowed and we built things out of twigs and rocks and set up lemonade stands. We produced parades with our friends using whatever we could to make noise, pretending we were creating the music we heard in our ears and didn’t care if the neighborhood didn’t hear the same sweet sound of our band as we marched up and down the streets. 

Somewhere, along the way when we grew up, we began to incorporate worry, fear, the discomfort of conflict, a lack of self-esteem to conquer challenges and the disappointments and negative remarks of others to send signals to our brains that told us it might be too scary to even try.

So we ended up feeling small, helpless, fearful and not good enough to succeed. We became our own worst enemy and our greatest saboteur.

Ask yourself:

  • How many times have I started a project and didn’t finish it?
  • How many times did I promise myself I would eat better, exercise more, take better care of myself and eventually gave up?
  • How many times have I stopped myself from doing something or didn’t take an opportunity that was there for the taking?
  • How many times have I been disappointed in myself for not taking action at all?

 If this is you… then you are ‘living your life - standing still’


Only you have the power to change. Only you can take that first step. Only you will experience great joy when you do.

Every small step you take becomes a success win.  Each time you step out of your fear and into believing in yourself to do ‘something’, those success wins will begin building you a power-wall of achievements.

The ultimate goal is to build your power-wall higher and higher.

Think of it as the wall a rock climber practices on.  Each time they reach for the next rock above, they first have to steady their footing before they let go of the rock below.

Is there fear? Of course, but once they set the plan for where their foot will go to steady them-self, and determine which rock will be the next one to grab, they are confident in their belief in them-self that they can let go and reach for the next level. 

The same can be for you. YOU CAN reach for the next level of your life. YOU CAN steady yourself and let go of what’s been holding you back and YOU CAN reach for and achieve the things you want in your life.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your higher power, whether you call it the Universe, God, Buddha or Spirituality.


When you release the doubt, fear, anger, hurt of what has been holding you back and replace it with the light, strength, love and knowledge of how incredible you are, you will find yourself living in your truth and moving forward.


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