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Pay Attention To What 'Floats' Into Your Thoughts

Two days ago on social media, someone had posted a word puzzle asking you to note the first 3 words you saw. I thought it was kind of fun and noted the first words for me were: wellness, beginning, massive success. “I LIKE THIS,” I thought, and then went on with my day.

Yesterday was New Year’s Eve and it was a typical end of the year for me; enjoy some food and cocktails with family, watch the ball drop and then off to bed. Unfortunately, sleep is rarely restful for me. I am a “lucid” dreamer. I am fully aware of what I am dreaming and can control and manipulate the outcome. It’s like being up all night watching movies, so I typically wake up “tired”.

Have you ever experienced those moments before you are fully awake from sleep when images or thoughts start to emerge? Well, I have and in fact, often do. There is a name for this transitional state from sleep to wakefulness;
Hypnopompia is a mental phenomenon that occurs during “threshold consciousness” that leads you out of sleep.

Almost every morning, during this hypnopompic state, my mind fills with random images, words, and ideas. It’s been like this for as long as I can remember and I’ve never paid much attention to it until recently. For the past few months, although I am still sleeping, my mind is somehow thinking “Linda, wake up and write this down”, however, once fully awake they are forgotten as I begin the routine of my day.

In the past few weeks, a strong feeling has been building inside me to pull myself out of this transitional state to wakefulness and start writing down the words, images and ideas that invade my sleep. So, I started to keep a notebook beside my bed. The very instant my mind crosses that threshold, I now “will” myself to wake up and in a furry of scribble, I manage to get it all written down. Then, once I am fully awake, I take time to meditate on them and allow their meanings to come through.

This morning, Jan 1, 2020, three words kept repeating in my mind and floating into view - “review”,  “refresh”,  and “renew”.  Three “R” words exactly in that order.  I woke myself up and jotted them down. I started thinking about it and thought… Why these words? Why today? 

Then I remembered, of course... today is a new year! It’s this time people make resolutions. Aha… yet another “R” word! I personally don’t make resolutions because I “never” hold myself accountable to them, but thinking about these words, I asked myself “what if I don’t look at it as a resolution, but rather a new beginning?” What did a new beginning mean to me and for me?

In order to begin, I needed to “review” what I had been doing in the past. What was I doing that worked well for me and pushed me in the direction I wanted and what was I doing, or not doing, that didn’t work well for me and held me back? Let me tell you it’s a little hard to face up to the truths that come up, but definitely worth the exercise.

Then I looked at the word “refresh”. I realized I needed to start making decisions to put more energy and effort into the direction I wanted to follow.

And finally, I looked at the last word “renew”.  I wasn’t sure what it meant for me, so I looked up the definition and what jumped out were words like restore, rebuild, regenerate, resume, re-establish (seriously - I am not making this up - all “R” words) and it suddenly all fit together and became clear for me. 

I knew those three “R” words were of importance to me.  2020 is going to be the year I make some changes in my health and my business. I had clarity of what I needed to do to move into new directions.

Timing is everything and I knew that it was the right time for me to move forward in this new direction which I had spent well over a year pondering, avoiding and pushing back with the people who know me best and knew this was the direction I was meant to follow.

Although I will still be doing my networking & follow-up business, 2020 will be the year I launch my online Ministry. These three words, “review”,  “refresh” and “renew” have given me the message I have been hearing for a long time, but felt I wasn’t ready for or perhaps worthy of…  “THIS is what you are meant to do!”

So, what’s been floating in your thoughts about your life? What’s your big dream and are you ready to let go of your fears and embrace what it is you are “meant to do?”  

Happy New Year!  I'd love to connect!

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