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We've Got An Event For That!

Everywhere you look in the entrepreneur and business professional’s world there is an event taking place somewhere. Anything and everything to do with business is presented for you to explore.

  • Are you looking for ways to innovate your business and need to find the latest and greatest tech-tools available?
  • Is it time to ramp up your marketing through social media and you need both an understanding of how to use and which platforms are the best for your specific business goals?
  • Do you need to refine your pitch, develop a signature talk, learn how to connect with people and build up your networks?
  • Are you starting from scratch and need to know where to start or have you been in business for a while and need to find new avenues and fresh ideas to take your business to the next level?

Whatever you need, I assure you there is an event, a workshop or a conference out there, ready to assist you to expand your business, advance your professional development and heighten your Brand.

The question I get quite often from my clients is “How do I know if attending this event is going to be worth my investment? How do I know I am going to get what I am looking for? “

Unfortunately, the short answer is you don’t.

You can never really know for sure what is being offered will be delivered. You can only assume the event producer has done due diligence and is giving you the best information at a workshop, bringing you experts and speakers in their fields at events and conferences, and doing everything possible to make it a memorable experience for you.  It's in their best interest to do so. The last thing any event producer wants is a negative review.

Rather than come from what you might not get, I say focus on what you might gain by making the investment. 

Let me offer you my personal take on this.

For me, It’s the feel of the overall experience of the event that defies the event’s worth. I don’t go to an event with the expectation that all my criteria will be met, but rather go with a mindset that it meet at least “one of” my criteria and I leave with one great takeaway that makes a difference to my business. That is worth my investment.

If it meets more than one of my criteria… it's a great bonus and I will be even more likely to consider attending another event this producer puts on.

What are the 5 criteria I focus on?

  1. Meeting new and interesting people.
  2. Learning something new.
  3. Being able to dig deeper into something that already is of interest.
  4. Discovering new insights for business expansion.
  5. Finding new tech tools to make my life easier and help with business growth.

These are the 5 areas that give me something to continually build upon. 
And here’s why.,.

When I go to an event, a conference or workshop, I want to meet someone new that I can get to know.  Making a connection with someone could be as simple as having something in common, but it’s also important for me to connect with people I don’t have commonalities with.

Expanding my openness to see things from a different perspective is important to me. As a business professional, I strive to steer from judgment and always come from a place of inclusivity for ideas, idealisms, cultures, etc.

I am a person who craves knowledge and therefore intentionally attend events to learn something new, whether by way of new information on a subject or a technology tool that I can use for my own business needs or professional growth.

I also often attend events that offer something I already have an interest in and knowledge about. I love to deep dive exploring further. You never know when it might spark something you hadn’t thought of before. Insight and innovative ideas come from many avenues so I don’t limit myself by attending events I have only something new to learn from.

I also believe that meeting, networking and learning from others can sometimes lead to incredible opportunities for collaboration. Events can often highlight something that someone offers that I don’t for my clients. This is a great opportunity for possible collaboration through a joint venture or I may be able to make a recommendation or connection for someone who is looking for something specific. 

Ever-expanding my networks are one of my highest priorities for my business and attending a number of events each year is always on my business plan calendar.

As business professionals, we need to keep our eyes and ears on high alert to new possibilities and opportunities both big and small. It all leads to business growth.
Attending events, in my opinion, is both beneficial and profitable when we keep looking towards the future and the bigger picture.

What are your thoughts? What are your expectations when considering attending an event? Do you have a list of criteria you follow to help you make your decision? I’d love to know and discuss.

I'd love to connect!

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