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When The Last Thing You Want To Do Is Celebrate The Holidays

faith grief life loss Dec 25, 2019

Loss. It’s a word we all know in one form or another. Loss of a loved one, loss of income, loss of stability, loss of relationships, loss of connection with self, loss of control… It’s a small word, just 4 letters, yet its impact is disorienting. And with loss comes grief.

During the holidays, loss and grief can be overwhelming. Whether you are or are not spiritual, holidays are the times we celebrate the joys of our family and friends. 

When the rest of the world is in the throws of holiday bliss, for those dealing with loss and grief, all the “shoulds” are at the forefront everywhere you look. 

You “should be happy”, after all, it’s the holidays. 
You “should be grateful” for all you “do” have. 
You “should be preparing” for the festivities with food and gifts for those in your life. You “should, should, should.”

Everywhere are reminders -  the lights,...

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