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This 5 Day Jumpstart Program will get you moving in a matter of days instead months or years! Join Us for 5 transformative days at a five-star resort in Punta Cana and get the one-on-one private mentorship you need to achieve your most ambitious goals and dreams.

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Fill Your Event . Build Your Business . Make Money

It's time to plan your workshop or event! A little scary? Exciting? Either way the best thing to do is JUMP RIGHT IN!
With 13 modules and over 20 hrs of content you will have everything you need for a SOLD OUT EVENT!
- Logistics
- Planning & Strategies
- Marketing & Pricing
- Facebook & Instagram Ads
- Analytics
- How to POWER-PACK your event.

Available May 1st


This hands-on interactive workshop will take you through everything you need to ROCK YOUR EVENT! 
This full day training will cover Logistics, Planning & Setting Up your Event, Strategies for Marketing, Pricing, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Analytics, and How to Get People to Show Up. 
You will leave with everything you need to POWER-PACK your event.



(Commencing Fall 2019)
This special series was designed in Collaboration with Global Business Strategist @Fay Chapple.

These Exclusive High Level Mastermind Dinners will bring together the right group of people, in a stunning atmosphere of fine food, fine wine, and fine connections.

*This event is by invitation only.


May 9, 2018: Social Director - ONE RED LIPSTICK LIVE Event (Toronto)
April 23, 2018: Co-Facilitator -Vision Board & Guided Visualization Workshop (St. Catharines) 
March 22, 2018: Co-Facilitator - Power Learning Workshop: Create Change, Be the Brand, Get the Leads (Oakville) 
March 5, 2018: Co-Facilitator - Vision Board & Guided Visualization Workshop (St. Catharines) 
Feb 23, 2018: Facilitator - Vision Board & Guided Visualization Workshop (St. Catharines) 
Oct 27, 2017: Co-Facilitator - Vision Board & Guided Meditation (Oakville)

Oct 11, 2017:  KEYNOTE (Master Conversation) - Mastermind City "THE NETWORK" (Oakville)
Oct 3, 2017: Facilitator - Learn Canva: Make Your Own Graphics (Oakville)
Sept 26, 2017: Co-Facilitator - Vision Board Workshop & Guided Meditation (Oakville)
June 14, 2017:  KEYNOTE (Cracking The Networking Code) - Mastermind City "THE NETWORK" (Oakville)
Apr 27, 2017:  Workshop Facilitator (How To Master Small Talk In a BIG Way) - Mastermind City Think-Tank Event (Oakville) 
Apr 20, 2017:  SPEAKER (Fundamentals of Networking) - Oakville Alliance Women's Networking Group
Mar 5, 2017: CO-EMCEE - Absolutely Fabulous Women Awards Gala (Mississaga)
Feb 28, 2017: SPEAKER (Surround Yourself With Success) - OneRedLipstick LIVE (Toronto)
Jan 27, 2017: Mastermind City Meet-up - Gansavoort Hotel (New York City)
Nov 17, 2016:  KEYNOTE (Networking Bootcamp: the competitive advantage of being the topic of conversation) - Empowered Entrepreneurs Convention (Toronto)
Nov 8, 2016:  KEYNOTE (Holiday Networking) Company of Women (Durham)
Oct 20, 2016:  KEYNOTE (Holiday Networking) - Morning Mingle (Oakville)
Mar. 29, 2016: KEYNOTE (Network for Success) Pelham Chamber of Commerce - Employment Solutions


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