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As a multifaceted person, I have many interests and perspectives. Therefore, along side of my Coaching Practice and Faith Interests, I will continue to offer online training in my business expertise in the area of Networking, Follow-up and Events. 

Signature Master Program

Whether through a workshop, webinar or conference, events are still the best way to showcase your expertise, build a huge network community and grow your list. 

Delivering a successful event and understanding the results, requires a clear blueprint and roadmap to follow. 

This 12 Module Master Program will take you step-by-step how to "Get It Right... The First Time."

$297 CAD

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Your network coaching has had an enormous impact on growing my corporate business. After being a therapist for 25+ years, I can talk to people about the big stuff – death, trauma, grief, shame, anxiety – but when it comes to small talk, UGH!

Before working with you, I dreaded cocktail parties, conferences, and “networking” events. Having to make small talk, or discuss superficial topics was limiting the growth of my business. I’m shocked that you don’t wear a cape, because your superhero power is truly super-powerful. You taught me not only how to enjoy meeting new people, but how to do it in a way that’s both strategic AND authentic. I don’t think I’ll ever be as savvy and skilled as you are in this department, but I’m definitely on the right track!

~ Jennie K. Ormson, MSW, Relational Life Therapist

Prior to working with Linda I was having a hard time approaching conversations and developing new relationships with prospective clients. Through her easy to implement strategies, Linda has helped me understand how effortless it is to communicate and follow-up with prospects in a clear and effective manner. Linda is a true expert in the field of Networking!

~ Heather Meeks, Co-Host - The Circle: Life and Business Show

I'm so glad I met Linda. She goes the extra mile promoting and connecting people generously. With impeccable  character qualities, Linda has powerhouse skills and unique insight that will help you grow your business, fill your events and empower your dreams practically. I highly recommend her.

~ Anneline Breetzke, Owner & Founder, Big Splash Social

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